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Hi! My name is Michelle and welcome to my blog! I wanted to start this blog primarily
because eating healthy can be such a bitch, but in a fun and awesome kind of way. There
are so many benefits to eating healthy and choosing a healthier lifestyle, but oh do I
miss the days when I didn’t care and could shove any food down my throat with no remorse.
Alas. Here I am. Writing a blog about eating a low carb diet. You heard me… a low.
carb. diet. First, let me say I hate the word diet. It’s terrifying and negative. So
let’s change that right now. I am following a low carb meal plan and choosing a
healthier lifestyle. Whew. Okay, we got that out of the way.

So, let me tell you a little about myself. I am 30 years old, living in Austin, TX, but
originally from Alabama. I moved here in the spring of 2014 because a) my best friend had
just moved here the summer before and b) come on, it’s Austin! I had nothing holding me
down in Alabama (besides my family and friends) but no kids or spouse and I thought you
know, self, if there’s ever a time you’re going to be able to freely move, now is it. So,
I saved up the money, upgraded my best friends apartment to a 2 bedroom and moved all my
crap. It has so far proven to be the best decision of my life.

I wanted to share that because it ties into my current lifestyle choices. Growing up in a
small town, I never really paid much attention to my health. Sure I kept seeing I was
gaining a little weight each year, especially once I got in high school where I became
much more self aware, but I didn’t fully comprehend that I was continuously gaining
weight and that this is bad and I can stop it. I specifically remember as a kid throwing
a fit eating any kind of vegetable, sneaking Twinkies into my bedroom after everyone had
fallen asleep, and the one time I ate so many chocolate chip cookies I threw up all over
my little brother. The last one I’m not very proud of, but I’m sure at some point he did
something to deserve it, right?! During high school, I started working in a fast food
restaurant, which didn’t help my situation. I got a car, got some money and I was free!
All those times my parents told me we couldn’t afford to eat out, or I could only have 1
piece of candy, now I could have whatever I wanted! I was a woman in charge and on a

Throughout my adulthood, I worked for a decade in the food industry, and in the last 4-5
years have worked at desk jobs. While the food industry at least keeps you moving, I was
barely counteracting it by eating the leftover delicious food or using my employee
discount to buy a meal. Throughout my 20’s, I went back and forth trying to “diet” or
workout. I was so on and off that it didn’t make much of a difference. Sure I had moments
where I would think I need to make a change! I want to be different! I’ll do better, just
wait! All to no avail. One of the biggest and hardest things that I learned throughout my
20’s is that you are only accountable to yourself. If you don’t workout or if you eat
that donut or cheeseburger, it only effects you. I truly didn’t understand that until
about a year or so ago. And the 2nd biggest thing is that you have to make the choice to
be healthy. No one can make that choice for you and no one can convince you otherwise.

A couple years ago, my best friend told me he was worried about me and my health. I knew
diabetes ran in my family and at this point I was at my heaviest, which was 275. I
remember he told me with a slight choke in his throat that he didn’t want to have to
witness me dying at an early age, or having to push me around in a wheelchair because I
had lost the ability to walk. It broke my heart. I had never grasped that although I was
still accountable, that my unhealthy choices affected those who cared about me. At this
point you’re telling yourself, oh yeah, this is where she turns it all around. Nope.
You’re wrong. I, of course, was upset and had the right motivation to turn it all around,
but as we have already gone over, you have to want to be healthy. And I wasn’t quite

After that conversation I did start moving around more. I started trying to go on a walk
once a day; I tried Jillian Michaels, I even did P90X for a couple months with my friend.
But always, always, always, I would fall off the wagon like a lovesick food addict. I
kept up working out consistently, but not every day. Usually 4-5 times a week, so I had
lost about 15 lbs because of that, but I still ate pretty unhealthily. Going out drinking
on the weekends and picking up fast food on the way home. Once I had made the decision to
move to Austin, I knew that my life would be different. My best friend was always a
pretty active person, and though a lover of food, knew his limits and wouldn’t keep junk
food in the house. The last year before I moved, I walked and worked out, still ate junk
food, and was at 255 by the time I moved to Austin.

After moving here, I would have the occasional slip and eat poorly, but for the most
part, I didn’t eat quite as much junk food. I was working out 6 days a week. I had worked
up to jogging on a local trail, and could even jog 1 mile before I would have to slow to
a walk. In the last year, I have lost 35 lbs and it has been wonderful! But I plateaued.
I had been working out consistently, but I was doing the same workouts. The meals I was
eating was from an outsider’s point of view, not unhealthy, but not healthy. Meals full
of unhealthy carbs and sugars, and barely any good nutrients. A friend of mine and her
husband had told me about their endeavors in various low carb lifestyles and although on
and off, they had been very pleased with the results and were very knowledgeable about
it. Approximately 2 months ago, I had started to think about doing something different
because I was still unhappy with my body, and they had gotten back into doing a slow carb
meal plan. At first, I was upset because this meant we couldn’t go out and eat as much or
get snacks when we’d have sleepovers. Slowly, though, slowly it was all seeping into my
brain. I knew that if I wanted to lose weight and become healthy, I would have to change
my way of eating and it would be for life. It’s the feeling that you have when you know
something is about to come to an end, and you don’t want it to, but you know it’s for the

About a month later, I finally spoke to them about embarking in a low carb diet. Her
husband sat down with me, went over my current weight, my weight goals, and my macros.
Thus, my low carb lifestyle began. I have been doing this for almost a month and while it
certainly has it’s ups and downs, I am very happy with my choice so far. I want to share
my story with you all in hopes it can spark inspiration in someone to want to change
their life. I didn’t have any life altering event to make me want to lose weight, but a
slow realization that I matter. And my health matters. I am at a point in my life where I
am in a good mental and emotional state of mind and I will continue to grow those areas,
but now it’s time to focus on my outer self, and finally treat my body right. I am really
excited to share all these ups and downs with you all, the heartache, the hard decisions,
the progress and goal achievements and best of all, the amazing recipes I have now come
across! Thank you so much for stopping by, and reading about me and my life and I look
forward to any feedback, comments, recipes and inspirational stories of your own!

Left side is from around 2011 and Right side is from May 2015.
Left side is from around 2011 and Right side is from May 2015.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just found you on Instagram and so glad that I did!!Awesome introduction. ..can’t wait to see where this low carb journey will take us(I’m just starting)….btw..I’m also from Alabama and still reside here☺


    • Thank you, fellow Alabamian! I look forward to sharing many more stories and recipes along the way and I always appreciate the support! We have a long journey ahead of us but it should hopefully be a fun one πŸ˜€


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